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“Would you like me to offer you a technique to earn you hundreds or even thousands extra every month for FREE?”

I’m more than happy to give! give! give!

Giving you all the information you require to finding the best niche markets, and showing you how your niche markets can turn over affiliate dollars, straight into your accounts.

Eliminating all the trial and error you’d have by doing this alone or having unrealistic people who waste your time, trying to tell you how to do this.

I spent a year of my life writing and developing a training program that can benefit all those interested in starting up an affiliate marketing business.

I offer you this service because I’m a coach, I’m a mentor and I specialize exclusively in affiliate marketing and helping my members to become master affiliates too.

I am over 60 years old, and started my affiliate journey many moons ago, it seems. Now I earn extraordinary amounts each and every month with affiliate marketing.

My training walks you through my proven methods and my Rise Up membership is $2357, payable yearly.

With that said, please understand that I am not offering you a done for you deal. This isn’t just another sales pitch in disguise.

I promise I won’t pester you in any way shape or form. In-fact, if you think or feel as though I’ve wasted even one minute of your time whilst working through my program, just let me know. I’m ready to take you on-board as a trainee and make sure that you are successful.

Before we go further, you need to know that I can’t help everyone!

building your affiliate website

I can only be of benefit to really passionate individuals, individuals who wish to earn extra money as an affiliate marketer. Here’s what I need:

  •  people who have at least two hours to give each week
  • people willing to commit to completing my steps proactively
  • action takers, that aren’t shelf developers
  • people who can navigate their way around their home PC, laptop or MACs’
  • people who need and want another way of earning money, like they need air to breathe

Here’s what you need to do next:

  1. Take a look inside my program by watching this FREE webinar. https://app.webinarjam.net/register/37562/0f46b12c16
  2. Send me any queries you might have about the webinar and its’ features.
  3. Test to see whether our support team can offer you further FREE golden nuggets of information.
  4. Email us and let us know what your goals are with affiliate marketing, and what you’re looking to accomplish. E: info@affiliatemasteryprogram.com

Once we have this email from you, we’ll evaluate it, and send you back some feedback that could further aide with you getting your affiliate marketing business started on the right track…

man working on affiliate business

Would you like me to double, triple or even quadruple your affiliate dollars…for FREE?  From Judi

Affiliate Mastery Institute

PO Box 368

North Tamborine QLD 4272


Dear Future Affiliate,

I need to find that ‘dream’ customer, that I can bring massive returns too.

If you’re that customer, I will work with you one on one to build your affiliate business, to help you double, triple or even quadruple your affiliate dollars for as long as you need or for twelve months.


Firstly, I can give you right now 7 FREE webinars and tutorials to help you get your affiliate business up and running straight away.
There’s NO CHARGE to watch these webinars, only your time to sit and take notes, and start your own action plan.

Who doesn’t want to receive a head start like this?


Ok, so now this is big:

I have discovered a way in which my future members like you, could receive my entire Rise Up membership for FREE.

You need to attend a 3-Day LIVE event, whereby, I will be teaching you in a small classroom environment of 20 people.

Giving you all my knowledge

Walking through the entire process with you

Giving my students LIVE Q&A’s…this is why it’s limited to only the first 20 future clients.

I only run this event once per year.

My results of earning upwards of $30,000 per month, each and every month, won’t naturally be achieved by you after this event.

I’ve been an affiliate marketer now for over five years and I have the advantage of knowing the exact formula and tools to get this kind of return.

I don’t make any income claims for you, and what you can achieve.

But…for the right customer, this could be a game changer for you!

WHY? …after the event, you take away all my golden nuggets, and rinse and repeat as often as you want to achieve your own goals with affiliate marketing.

Event is held 2nd Friday, Saturday and Sunday in March every year, at the Mantra on View Hotel, Surfers Paradise Queensland Australia.

REGISTER TO MAKE A CHANGE HERE (new link will be added soon)